Our Team

Midnight Hour Studios was formed in late 2012 over the course of several dim sum lunches, coffee shop brainstorm sessions and ice cream runs. As film students, we wanted the hands-on experience of making movies and telling stories with real people in real places, and as two of USC's first staff videographers, we had seen first-hand the emerging opportunities for small-scale but high quality filmmaking.

Since then, we've worked with a variety of clients around southern California (and beyond!). We do this full-time, and we do a lot of it — over 100 videos a year! We've worked with major institutions like USC, Los Angeles Magazine and the United Methodist Church, so you can trust us to be prompt, professional and reliable. We learned our craft at USC's School of Cinematic Arts, so you can trust us to bring a real cinematic sensibility to your wedding film.

Nathan Carter

Nathan Carter was raised by books and movies in the wilds of East Texas. He is a graduate of the University of Southern California, where he studied English and animation and then spent four years working in University Publications. His experience there and elsewhere as a writer, photographer, graphic designer, animator and videographer gives him a uniquely well-rounded approach to the storytelling, cinematography and design that are essential to great film.

His favorite films are Days of Heaven, Beauty and the Beast and Fiddler on the Roof, and he has a crippling weakness for anything featuring Spider-Man.

Heather Humpleman

Heather Humpleman grew up in the bookstores and boba shops of Orange County. She owes her early film education to Regal Cinemas — where she worked for several years — and her later film education to the University of Southern California. Now as a proud Trojan alumnae (and still tea enthusiast), she is excited to pursue filmmaking in all kinds of ways.

Her favorite movies are Pride and Prejudice, Ocean's Eleven, and The Thomas Crown Affair. She also has a debilitating fondness for corgis and cake.